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Blue Öyster Cult releases new song “So Supernatural”

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Blue Öyster Cult releases new song “So Supernatural”

Blue Öyster Cult released in 2020 their first studio album in almost two decades and they didn’t take long to make the next one since they just announced “Ghost Stories”, which will be released next April 12. The first single “So Supernatural” is already available on the streaming platforms.


It features tracks recorded between 1978 and 1983, also one from 2016 called “If I Fell”. The tracks were originally recorded on reel-to-reel analog tape and now are transferred to digital audio.

It might be their final studio album since the official announcement says: “This highly anticipated album marks a fitting finale to the recording legacy of one of rock’s most iconic fixtures from the past 50 years.”

“Work in the studio for the album was completed by Richie Castellano along with remaining original members Eric Bloom and Donald ‘Buck Dharma’ Roeser, both Albert Bouchard and Rick Downey appear on drums with additional overdubs recorded by Joe Bouchard. All these original lineup members appearing on ‘Ghost Stories,’ create a musical journey that traverses decades,” the announcement said.

The band used artificial intelligence to produce the official video for the new song “So Supernatural”.

Hear the “new” Blue Öyster Cult song “So Supernatural”

As their statement says, George Geranios, who was the band’s original audio engineer and an integral part of the band’s golden years, co-produced the original 1978-83 recordings along with BÖC.

“Ghost Stories” tracklist

1. “Late Night Street Fight”
2. “Cherry”
3. “So Supernatural”
4. “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”
5. “Soul Jive”
6. “Gun”
7. “Shot in the Dark”
8. “The Only Thing”
9. “Kick Out the Jams”
10. “Money Machine”
11. “Don’t Come Running”
12. “If I Fell”
13. “Roadhouse Blues” (Bonus Track Japan)

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