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Blackie Lawless back surgery was successful

Blackie Lawless

Classic Rock

Blackie Lawless back surgery was successful

The American Heavy Metal band W.A.S.P. was forced to cancel their North American tour dates for 2023 because the band’s leader, vocalist and guitarist Blackie Lawless had to do a back surgery. Now the musician shared a message to the fans saying that the procedure was successful and everything is alright. He thanked the fans and said that he expects he can play in the United States again soon.


“I just got out my back surgery earlier today and all is good, the surgery was a big success! The Dr. said he was very pleased and the results were great. Now to get some rest. Thank you to everyone for all the support,” Blackie Lawless said.

Black Lawless had previously talked about his back injury, saying:

“The extent of the trauma I endured on the 2023 European Tour was far greater than originally diagnosed and surgery will now be needed to correct the problem. In addition to the original herniated disc, as that tour continued, a 2nd disc became herniated0.”

“Upon returning home a 2nd MRI also revealed a broken vertebrae to my lower back. I’ve been fortunate to work with the best specialists in the U.S. and I’ve been in intensive rehab since we got home. It’s going well but the damage was pretty extensive and all the Dr.’s agree moving the tour a few months back will be the safest thing.”

“It’s all been as the result of an injury that happened several years ago. I’m working my butt off to get ready and I’ll be up riding on Elvis… bigger and badder than ever. If the Torture Never Stops, then the 40th Never Stops!” Blackie Lawless said.

The band’s only scheduled show for this year will happen in Mexico City in Mexico at the Life After Death Horror Festival on December 3.

The band

The band is currently formed by Blackie Lawless (Guitar and vocals), Mike Duda (Bass – Since 1995), Doug Blair (Guitar – Since 2006) and Aquiles Priester (Drums – Since 2017). Their most recent album is “Reidolized: The Soundtrack of The Crimson Idol” released back in 2018.

Some of their most famous tracks are: “Wild Child”, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, “Animal”, “Sleeping (In The Fire)” and “Miss You”.

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