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Angus Young talks about the meaning of “Highway To Hell”

Angus Young

Classic Rock

Angus Young talks about the meaning of “Highway To Hell”

AC/DC‘s “Highway To Hell” is one of the best Hard Rock songs of all time and Angus Young said in an interview with Vulture that the meaning of the song changed over the years for him.


Angus Young talks about the meaning of “Highway To Hell”:

“In the beginning, a lot of people thought it was satanic. What are they, a bunch of heretics? Are they trying to rewrite the bible? The actual song itself is such a road song, and that’s what it was intended to be in the beginning — our life on the road at the time, which was a lot of heavy touring.”

“In our day, that’s how you sold and promoted records. You had to tour all the time. “Highway to Hell” stands the test of time. We still play it and the audience relaxes and sings along. There were a lot of people telling us at the time, How dare you, you’re going to cause suicides.”

“We had to dig in and stick to our guns with it. And it got us our first gold record in the U.S. That was a surprise for a lot of people, even our record label [Albert Productions]. They told us, You’re the only band we’ve ever known who’s gone out and sold records as you’ve performed.”

Power Up

AC/DC is currently promoting their new album “Power Up”, that marks the return of Brian Johnson (Vocals), Phil Rudd (Drums), Cliff Williams (Bass), Angus Young (Guitar) and Stevie Young (Guitar).

“Power Up” tracklist:

01. Realize
02. Rejection
03. Shot In The Dark
04. Through The Mists Of Time
05. Kick You When You’re Down
06. Witch’s Spell
07. Demon Fire
08. Wild Reputation
09. No Man’s Land
10. Systems Down
11. Money Shot
12. Code Red

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