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Andy Scott says Ronnie James Dio almost joined The Sweet

Andy Scott

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Andy Scott says Ronnie James Dio almost joined The Sweet

Formed in London, England in 1968, The Sweet had many hits in the 70s and were a big influence for countless generations of bands. In an interview with Rock History Music, Andy Scott, the group’s singer, guitarist and keyboardist said that the late legendary singer Ronnie James Dio almost joined the group.


Andy Scott says Ronnie James Dio almost joined The Sweet

“People have said to me, that moment when Brian had left the band and we were starting to pick the bones out of the record that he should have been on, the ‘Cut Above The Rest’ album where we ended up being a three-piece band.”

“Ronnie James Dio was up for the gig, to replace Brian, ’cause he and I got on really well. And I’d already made the decision for everybody. I said, ‘Look, this is not a decision that I’m gonna make or two of us are gonna make. It’s the three of us or nothing. If the three of us don’t agree that this is the right way to go…’ It can’t be a two-to-one (split vote), ’cause then there’s always this (makes grumbling sound).”

Andy Scott continued:

“Of course, Steve (Priest – The sweet founding bassist) didn’t wanna do it. He said, ‘I think we can do it just as a three-piece.’ And I don’t think he was probably wrong. Adding a singer might have changed the dynamic again. ‘Cause Sweet were used to having a frontman.”

“It’s got nothing to do with the fact that we could all sing, It’s that focal point. It’s that Van Halen moment. The fact that if you changed the dynamic of Van Halen and added another (singer) — like they did with Sammy (Hagar), who was a good mate of mine at the time. It was never quite the same as it was with David Lee Roth, was it? But musically, it was great. You can’t put your finger on it. You change the dynamic,” Andy Scott said.

Dio ended singing heavier music after Elf, being a member of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and then creating his own group Dio. He is considered one of the greatest Heavy Metal vocalists of all time.

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