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AC/DC releases teaser of new song “Shot In The Dark”

ACDC shot in the dark

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AC/DC releases teaser of new song “Shot In The Dark”

AC/DC is officially back and released a teaser for the new song “Shot In the Dark” of the upcoming album “Power Up”. The snippet shows that the song has the classic sound of the band with a great guitar riff. The lyrics says: “Shot in the dark, make you feel alright, a shot in the dark, i prove it all night , a shot in the dark”.


The line-up that has Brian Johnson (Vocals), Phil Rudd (Drums), Cliff Williams (Bass), Angus Young (Guitar) and Stevie Young (Guitar).


Possible new album “Power Up”

Since AC/DC singer Brian Johnson left the group due to hearing issues (But some say he was fired by the band) in the middle of the Rock or Bust tour back in 2016, being replaced for the final concerts by Axl Rose, fans were asking for his return. Rumours released during the last year indicated that the band was recording a new album. S ince photos of Brian, Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, Angus Young and Stevie Young were taken showing them together at a studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Last week, Brazilian fan site AC/DC Brasil Net captured the moment when new photos of what apparently is a new AC/DC official video were posted on the band’s official site. Shortly after the images were deleted, leading to the thought that someone shared them before the right time.

AC/DC reunion 2020

ACDC band 2020

Brian Johnson recently said that he is talking with AC/DC members during quarantine

Brian Johnson said in an interview with Joe Walsh in Old Fashioned Rock N’ Roll Radio Show that he is talking with Angus Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd during quarantine,

“Actually, it’s the craziest thing. Angus’s wife, Ella – she loves to cook. And that’s what we were talking about. How to make scones. It had nothing to do with music. And Angus is safe and well. And so is Phil [Rudd, drums]. Cliff [Williams, bass] is up in the mountains of North Carolina… Cliff’s a-huntin’ and shootin’ and fishin’ man. And I don’t know where Stevie [Young, AC/DC rhythm guitarist] is. He’s somewhere.”

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