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One of the best british bands that passed between progressive rock and pop rock, with huge commercial successes with songs like “Breakfast In America”, “Dreamer”, “Give A Little Bit” and “It’s Raining Again”, Supertramp it is until this day loved by different generations of rock and pop music fans.


But, their catalog is far more than this big hits and they got really amazing songs less known. So here is a good list for you of the 6 best Supertramp less known songs, with a special bonus:


“Hide In Your Shell” by Supertramp

Crime of the Century (1974)

“Hide in your shell, cos the world is out to bleed you for a ride, what will you gain, making your life a little longer?”.

Roger Hodgson, ex-Supertramp famous voice, once said that this song is really requested by the audience on his solo concerts and people always come to him and say that the lyrics and the melody are something that really plays with their feelings, because it talks about personal emotions of fear and overcoming problems.

“Babaji” by Supertramp

Even in the Quietest Moments (1977)

This one is about Hodgson’s spiritual path that he began during recording of the Even In The Quietest Moments album. A “Babaji” is a Hindu holy man. Hodgson wrote this song after reading the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. The book was written in 1946, and told the story of Yogananda’s spiritual journey.

“Lord Is It Mine” by Supertramp

Breakfast in America (1979)

Like all Supertramp songs, “Lord Is It Mine” makes a reflection about the meaning of life and solitude, expressing a conversation with god. And the unique Hogdson’s voice takes everything to another level.

“Bloody Well Right” by Supertramp

Crime of the Century (1974)
This is one of the few songs that Rick Davies take’s the lead vocals that had a little commercial success. The song deals with youthful confusion, class warfare, and forced conformity in the British school system (kind of like Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall (part II)”). This anti-establishment take was a theme of the album.

 “Child Of Vision” by Supertramp

Breakfast in America (1979)

This song is the closing track of the Breakfast In America album. It was written and sung Roger Hodgson. The song deals with how he perceives America, and also his relationship with his bandmate Rick Davies, who Hodgson didn’t always get along with.

“If Everyone Was Listening” by Supertramp

Crime of the Century (1974)

Like any song, this one can have many interpretations, such as the beginning of the band, struggling for have their music heard, or event them after the success, telling about in-band egos battles.


“Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy)” by Roger Hodgson

In the Eye of the Storm (1984)

Unfortunately, Roger did not have the same commercial success in his solo career as he had with Supertramp. But his solo albums hide songs that match those he composed with the band. One of them is Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy), which leads us to a journey that talks about the pressures we have passed from our birth to adulthood.

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