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In a 2012 video Kiss forces interviewer to take Iron Maiden shirt off

Kiss iron maiden shirt

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In a 2012 video Kiss forces interviewer to take Iron Maiden shirt off

A behind-the-scenes video of a 2012 Kiss interview for the Argentinean YouTube channel Vorterix recently became viral.


In the recording, the musicians require the interviewer to take it off an Iron Maiden T-shirt he wore and place it inside out. Later, a Kiss shirt is made available for the journalist to continue his interview.

After Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons refused to talk to the reporter while he was wearing the Iron Maiden shirt, he explained that his choice of clothing was conscious because “I did not want to wear a Kiss shirt during an interview with Kiss.”

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have pointed out that they have toured with Iron Maiden in the past and that they love Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Nicko McBrain and the others, but they were at a Kiss show. Drummer Eric Singer comes to compare the situation with the sport, saying he will not play a game of the Raiders football team with another team’s shirt.

After receiving the shirt of the band, the interview starts.

Take a look:

In the video comments, Kiss’ attitude was disapproved by the public. Others said it was a joke.

Gene Simmons intimidated King Diamond to stop wearing makeup

Gene Simmons told Chris Jericho that he intimidated King Diamond to stop wearing Kiss-like makeup.

Read what he said:

Chris Jericho: “Have you thought about suing King Diamond for your make-up?”

Gene Simmons: “Certainly.”

king diamond

Chris Jericho: “It was kind of like yours.”

Gene Simmons: “That’s what we thought, so it stopped.”

Chris Jericho: “Was it easy to send him a letter?” (Note: A “Cease and Desist” card, normally used outside, is an order or request to cease activity, otherwise a lawsuit will be filed.)

Read the full interview here

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