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Ghost puts references to Sepultura in new album cover

Ghost and Sepultura

Classic Rock

Ghost puts references to Sepultura in new album cover

Ghost came full of mysteries, led by their “Pope” and making a sound that refers to the beginnings of metal and rock. Soon to release their fourth album, the Swedish band kept the tradition of fanning their fans with videos and singles ahead, but without revealing everything. This time, they released the single “Rats”, entitled to a clip, and revealed the cover of the new album, “Prequelle”, which refers to a Sepultura classic.Ghost and Sepultura

This week, Ghost revealed the title and cover of “Prequelle”, which will be released on June 1st. It was not long, and fans, especially on the Facebook page “Ghost Brazil”, found interesting coincidences that refer to “Bestial Devastation”, the debut EP of Sepultura.

Just to see the images, the theme is already coincident, even with red wings dominating the scene. On the sides, the presence of a reaper and crosses are identical in the two layers. To close the equation, just remember that the leader of the band Tobias Forge, is a fan of death and thrash metal of the old and has a certain tattoo on his left arm … Exactly that of the “Bestial Devastation”.

Ghost 2018

Despite the reference to a heavy band, like the Sepultura, Ghost follows with its sonority that remits even to the pop. The single “Rats” shows an attempt to get the band to produce arena rock anthems from names like Ozzy Osbourne.

Hear their new single “Rats” below:

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