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Ghost announces new United States tour dates

Ghost releases teaser of “new” frontman Papa Emeritus Zero

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Ghost announces new United States tour dates

The Heavy Metal band Ghost announced a 13-date United States tour for next May and the word around the town is that their new album will be released just before those concerts.


The album will be first one since 2015’s Meliora. Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge’s identity was confirmed as a result of legal action against his former bandmates.

Band ghost

A new incarnation of Papa Emeritus will also begin, called Zero.

Read what he said:

“I am Papa Emeritus Zero. The party is over and now a new era begins. The Middle Ages begin now.”

Red Papa

Ghost started to tease about their new album posting a lot of red in their social networks and their is something to do with the new Papa Emeritus.

After posting red profile pictures, their promoted the new live record “Ceremony and Devotion” with a clip of the new Papa checking the album out in a red robe/coat.

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