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Zakk Wylde wasn’t invited for Ozzy Osbourne’s new album

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Zakk Wylde wasn’t invited for Ozzy Osbourne’s new album

During an appearance on The Cassius Morris Show, Zakk Wylde was asked whether he contributed to Ozzy Osbourne‘s new album, which was recently finished in just four weeks.


The legendary Ozzy Osbourne guitarist said:

“No, no – we didn’t do anything on that. Ozz, he just jammed with some friends that he knows. He was just, like, ‘Hey, Zakk, I ended up tracking some of the stuff,’ or whatever, and I was, like, ‘Oh, great, Ozz.’

“That Post Malone thing [Ozzy’s guest appearance on Post Malone’s song ‘Take What You Want’] I heard was awesome. Post came down to a Black Label show about maybe – I don’t know – almost half a year ago or something like that, before the Ozzy thing.

“But he just came down and he was, like, ‘Hey, Zakk, what’s happening?’ A really cool guy and everything like that. When I heard the track, Ozzy sounds great on it, man. But no, I didn’t have nothing to do with the stuff that Ozz just recorded.”

Zakk showed he has no bad feelings about it:

“The whole thing is we could always get together and record another thing. So it’s all good, man.”

About Ozzy Osbourne health, he said:

“I just saw Ozzy the other day – he was at my daughter’s wedding. He’s still doing his rehab and he’s doing everything like that. Obviously, we were gonna do these shows right now, but the doctor was, like, ‘Nah, you’re not ready to get out there and do it.’

“It’s no different than playing sports. If you’re not ready to pitch, there’s no sense in jeopardizing you making the injury even worse – you know what I mean? – until you’re good to go.

“Then I’ll stick you back out on the mound… I don’t think it’s gonna hurt the fact that no one’s gonna show up [laughs] when he decides that he’s ready to go. It’s just, like, ‘Ozz, don’t worry about it. When you’re good and ready, then we’ll go and do it, and then everybody will still be there.’ [Laughs]”

Hear the complete interview Zakk gave to The Cassius Morris Show:

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