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Zakk Wylde says Ozzy would never cancel concerts. He saw him inject steroids to be able to perform

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde

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Zakk Wylde says Ozzy would never cancel concerts. He saw him inject steroids to be able to perform

Zakk Wylde was on Hatebreeed’s James Jasta show and talked about how Ozzy would never cancel concerts, he made everything he could to perform no matter what.


Read what he said:

“I remember Ozzy getting shots into his neck – with steroids and stuff like that. He would never cancel a show. I mean, you wanna talk about the fortitude of rock. The pillar of strength. [Laughs]

Zakk Wylde says that following Ozzy in drunkenness led him to alcoholism

“No matter how banged up we got the night before, Ozz would just get up there… He’s feeling like a prison ass, but when he got up there he’d still knock it out.

“And then after the show is when he’d reward himself with a drink. Ozz would never even have a touch of cocktail… Even in his drinking days, he would never touch a cocktail before the show. After the show though, it was game on.”

Watch Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde performing at Louder Than Life

Did you get IVs and stuff like that?

“I’ve done that before, getting IVs before the show. I was just really sick or dehydrated or whatever. Just get the IV before the show. Without a doubt. And just laughing about.

“I thought all I had to do was like practice. I didn’t realize this was all part of it. At that point you’re laughing about it. It’s just that we gotta do a rock show. But, you know, you just get up there and you do it.”

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