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Zakk Wylde reveals the biggest adversity he had to face in his life

Two more Black Label Society shows canceled due to Zakk Wylde's disease

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Zakk Wylde reveals the biggest adversity he had to face in his life

On the Cassius Morris Show, the legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde was asked  What was the biggest adversity he had to face to get where he is today.


Read what he said:

Zakk: “The shortage of razors. JD [Black Label Society bassist John DeServio], what would you say, the Mach 2 or the Mach 3?”

JD: “I like the Mach 3 myself.”

Zakk Wylde and Dave Grohl

Zakk: “We use it for shaving our legs. Really, it gets into a big expense, when you’re looking at the tour budget. Fishnet stockings – if you don’t shave your legs properly, you get stubble and then it rips the fishnets.

“You’re looking at it like, ‘Wow, this is an insane amount of fishnets that we have to keep buying here, how do we cut down on that?’ You have good blades, you have a good razor, and it cuts back on costs. I would say that would be probably one of the huge adversities in Black Label.”

Zakk Wylde says that following Ozzy in drunkenness led him to alcoholism

Was there ever a moment when you were younger where you thought maybe you couldn’t achieve it – to be at this level?

“If I was never blessed with having Ozzy in my life and us having our Black Label family, I think me and JD would have a wedding band, we’d have our cover band, we’d be teaching, we’d own a music store… But everything would circle around music. We wouldn’t have some crummy job where we couldn’t stand it, where I’m going, ‘JD, there’s gotta be another way.’

“Just because you’re not playing six nights at Madison Square Garden… I always tell everybody, yes, that’s the goal, you want to get to the Madison Square Garden. But on the way there, as long as you can support yourself and you can do what you love, and that’s being a band with your buddies…

Zakk Wylde plays the American national anthem at basketball game (1)

“I had just as much of a good time when we first started playing in the band and we were playing keg parties in somebody’s kitchen in front of 15 of our friends and just playing covers – that was just as much fun as playing in front of 600,000 people when we were in Poland on the Woodstock Festival.

“It’s still the same rush and you’re still having a great time. So whether you’re living in an apartment or you have this big house, the whole thing is you’re pretty much in the same place – the kitchen and your bedroom. So nothing really changes.

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde

“I tell everybody that – ‘Do you have any advice for my son or my daughter?’ ‘Yeah, the whole thing is you should be having a good time while you’re playing music.'”

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