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Yngwie Malmsteen recalls his reaction to first Van Halen album

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Yngwie Malmsteen recalls his reaction to first Van Halen album

The Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen is known not only for his incredible technique as a guitarist but also for his personality. He always give his real opinion on other artists no matter it is a good one or a bad one. In an interview with Rick Beato (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar), the musician recalled his reaction to the groundbreaking Van Halen self-titled debut album released in 1978. He said he was much more impressed by their attitude than Eddie Van Halen‘s guitar playing.


Yngwie Malmsteen recalls his reaction to first Van Halen album

“I actually became a bit of a snob, and [had] gotten to that point where it was really like, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll? Nope. I listen to Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Niccolo Paganini…’ For one exception. My drummer brought a record to the studio, ‘Oh, this new band, you’ve got to hear this!’ I was like, ‘Not interested.’ I look at it: ‘This guy’s playing a new Strat; it’s got a black pickguard…'”

“We listened to the album, ‘Van Halen I’, it was like somebody dropped the fucking bomb. It was so good. That really knocked me out. But, the funny thing is, it wasn’t the ‘Eruption’ solo, it wasn’t the amazing guitar playing that really knocked me out. It was their attitude. It was like, ‘We’re going in the studio; we’re recording live.’ That, to me, it was such an inspiration. I liked that a lot. So, basically, I decided I’ll also record everything live from now on,” Yngwie Malmsteen said.

Malmsteen first achieved fame as the guitarist of Alcatrazz, band that also had the former Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet. After recording one album, the musician left the band and started a successful solo career.

His first solo album “Rising Force”, released in 1984 won the Guitar Player’s award for Best Rock Album. Also was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Rock Instrumental”, reaching no. 60 on the Billboard album chart.

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