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Why Paul McCartney was the workaholic of The Beatles according to Ringo

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Why Paul McCartney was the workaholic of The Beatles according to Ringo

The Beatles were formed by George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon in 1960 and two years later the group fired the drummer Pete Best, inviting Ringo Starr to join them shortly before they recorded the band’s debut album. They were together for only eight more years but it was enough for them to become the most influential band of all time, creating albums that would be a huge inspiration for countless generations.


Although they were quite prolific when writing and recording, Ringo Starr recalled in an interview with Dan Rather on AXS TV (Transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage) back in 2018, that it was actually Paul McCartney who was the workaholic of the group. He said that of course, all of them wanted to be successful but after they already were a famous and respected group, it was McCartney who kept making them record more. Because Ringo and John probably wouldn’t have recorded all the albums The Beatles did.

Why Paul McCartney was the workaholic of The Beatles according to Ringo

“We (The Beatles) didn’t get along. We were four guys, we had a rouse. It never got in the way of the music no matter how bad the row was. Once the count in, we all gave our best. And that was a little later, too, which I think, it was a natural thing, you know.”

“Suddenly, we’ve got lives and I’ve got children. (So) you know, the effort that we put in cause we worked really hard was starting to pale a little. We always thank Paul to this day. Because of Paul, who was the workaholic of our band, we made a lot more records than John and I would’ve made. We liked to sit around a little more, and then Paul would call, ‘Alright, lads,’ and we’d go in. From 1960, when I left the factory, this is what I’ve done. Played, made a few good records.”

He continued:

“There were four of us and we were all from the same city. We would look at each other, one of us would be freaking out or being a big shot. The three other people would go ‘excuse me’, and that would kept us (with our feets in the ground). The interesting thing, the time we met Elvis I really thought how sad he is on his own. He had all those people around but he was on his own. I had three great mates,” Ringo Starr said.

Although Ringo’s talent was overshadowed by George, John and Paul, countless important drummers already called him a real genius. Not only because of his technique, which was quite unique for the time but also for being a drummer who played what the song needed. He was always focused on putting in the song what was necessary.

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