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Why AC/DC never changed their sound according to Angus Young



Why AC/DC never changed their sound according to Angus Young

Since the band was formed in 1973, AC/DC really never changed their sound and never tried to do things that were much different from the basic things that composed their songwriting style. That’s really not common in Rock and Roll music but it was certainly crucial to make them one of the biggests bands of all time but to also have a lot of criticism of people who said they are recording the same album for more than five decades.


Well, whether you like or not they are one of the best selling bands in history with an estimated amount of more than 200 million records sold worldwide. The guitarist Angus Young really doesn’t mind people saying the group made the same album many times, since in an interview with Classic Rock magazine in 1992, the musician was asked about people saying that they made the same record over 10 times.

He then replied, saying: “That’s a dirty lie! We’ve made the same record over and over 11 times! (Laughs)

But why AC/DC never changed their sound according to Angus Young

Well, for Angus and his late brother Malcolm Young, it was simple, if you do something really good keep doing it! There is really no reason to go and experiment with things you might not be good at. So that’s what Angus explained to VH1 in 2014.

“You know, that’s probably hitting right in the head. We never take anything for granted. We always do what we do best, which is we still play rock music. That’s what we’re best at and maybe that’s part of it.”

“That we’ve never changed when other trends come. We just stuck to what we did best. Maybe that’s why people plug into us and go ‘They never change.’ We’re reliable. A bit like old shoes. (laughter) They just feel good on your feet,” Angus Young said.

The band’s backbone was always Angus and Malcolm and although the older brother had to leave the band after being diagnosed with Dementia, their nephew Stevie Young replaced him. He kept playing the same way as his uncle. So although you have only one part of the backbone of the band, who is Angus, the group continues to sound the same.

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