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Which was the first record that ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons ever bought

Billy Gibbons


Which was the first record that ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons ever bought

The legendary ZZ Top vocalist and guitarist Billy Gibbons discovered music at a really early age, what gave him the opportunity to follow the evolution of the career from several great musicians. Even though he is a huge Blues fan, the first record that the Texan artist ever bought was from a Country musician as he revealed in an interview with Elmore Magazine back in 2010. Rock and Roll Garage selected what the musician said about that record and the composer over the decades.


Which was the first record that ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons ever bought

“Get Rhythm, by Johnny Cash, when I was five,” Billy Gibbons told Elmore Magazine. The single was originally released as the b-side to the single release “I Walk The Line” in 1956. Decades later, Gibbons had the chance to play with the musician, being part of the track “I Witnessed A Crime”, which was released on the album “American Outtakes” in 1995.

Rolling Stone magazine listed the 100 best singers of all time back in 2008 with the help of many famous musicians who voted for their favorite artists. The ZZ Top frontman was one of the voters and he placed Johnny Cash on the position number 18 of the list he made for the magazine.

Back in 2017, ZZ Top covered Cash’s famous track “Folsom Prison Blues” with the late bassist Dusty Hill on vocals in Houston, Texas.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was born February 26, 1932  and died September 12, 2003. He was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Much of Cash’s music contained themes of sorrow, moral tribulation, and redemption, especially in the later stages of his career.

He was known for his deep, calm bass-baritone voice, the distinctive sound of his Tennessee Three backing band characterized by train-like chugging guitar rhythms. Also a rebelliousness coupled with an increasingly somber and humble demeanor, free prison concerts. Besides a trademark all-black stage wardrobe which earned him the nickname “The Man in Black”.

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