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Which was Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell favorite Slayer song

Dimebag Darrell


Which was Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell favorite Slayer song

Slayer was one of the most successful Thrash Metal bands of all time that retired back in 2019 but announced their return in 2024 for a few reunion shows so far. Formed in Huntington Park, California in 1981 by Tom Araya (Vocals, bass), Kerry King (Guitar), Jeff Hanneman (Guitar) and Dave Lombardo, the group quickly gained fame after releasing many classic albums in the 80s.


They had many famous fans like the late Pantera co-founder and guitarist Dimebag Darrell. He loved Slayer and in an interview with Guitar World back in 1993, he revealed which was his favorite song of the group.

Which was Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell favorite Slayer song

“Those guys have a real unorthodox style of playing — it’s totally not normal. (Laughs) They have unbelievable rhythm chops. Their songs taught me how to play with guts and aggression.”

“The half-time feel on ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ is really cool, too. I like how they just start and stop out of nowhere, using no time to build up or wind down. They never give you a chance to get into a song: As soon as it starts, they’re battering you over the head, hard and fast,” Dimebag Darrell said.

That track was written by Tom Araya, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, being featured on their second album “Hell Awaits”(1985).

Dimebag was only a few years younger than the members from Slayer and Pantera was also formed in 1981, same year the Thrash Metal group started their career. Both of them, curiously, had the chance to release their debut albums in 1983 but Pantera would only gain fame with the release of their fifth album “Cowboys From Hell” in 1990. By that time, Slayer already had released their most famous albums like “Reign In Blood” (1986) and “South of Heaven” (1988).

Pantera and Slayer ended up touring together in 2001 on the called “Extreme Steel” tour. But they knew each other and were friends for a long time. There is even a video of the Slayer guitarist Kerry King on stage with Pantera in 1989 at Joe’s Garage in Fort Worth, Texas, performing “Raining Blood”.

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