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When Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards claimed to have seen a UFO

Keith Richards UFO


When Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards claimed to have seen a UFO

Rolling Stones‘ guitarist Keith Richards had many experiences as a rockstar in his life including seeing an UFO. Back in 1968 the musician claimed that unidentified flying objects were landing at his Redlands estate in West Sussex. He talked about it with Melody Maker.


Keith Richards said about seeing UFOs:

“I’ve seen a few, but nothing that any of the ministries would believe. I believe they exist – plenty of people have seen them. They are tied up with a lot of things, like the dawn of man, for example. It’s not just a matter of people spotting a flying saucer… I’m not an expert. I’m still trying to understand what’s going on.”

On a special video series called “Ask Keith Richards” he talked about aliens, saying:

“Who knows, you know, i love the possibility of it. Let’s hope they are. I can’t wait. Beat me up, Scotty”

Rolling Stones

The band was formed in London in 1962 and considered one of the biggest, oldest and most successful musical groups of all time. Along with the Beatles, they are considered the most important band of the so-called British Invasion that occurred in the 1960s. The band and its members occupied a prominent position in the musical and behavioral changes of the 1960s. Also are often related to the counterculture, rebellion and youth of the time. They have sold over 250 million albums worldwide.

Their most lucrative tour is “A Bigger Bang Tour”. Which lasted from 2005 to 2007 and grossed an incredible $ 558,255,524. During this tour, the band held a free concert on the sands of Copacabana beach, on February 18, 2006 in Rio de Janeiro. More than 2 million people attended the concert. Which is listed in the Book of Records as the free concert with the largest audience performed by a single band, ever.

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