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What Bruce Springsteen thinks happens after death

Bruce Springsteen 2021
Image from Stephen Colbert's show

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What Bruce Springsteen thinks happens after death

The legendary Bruce Springsteen was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert and answered many interesting questions on the show, like what he thinks it happens when we die. The musician released with United States ex-president Barack Obama the book “Renegades: Born In The USA“, that features a collection of candid, intimate, and entertaining conversations between President Obama and Bruce.


What Bruce Springsteen thinks happens after death:

“Ok, individual consciouness…adios (Goodbye). But our souls and our spirits, I think grow and live on with the people that we’ve loved and who have loved us and with the people we had impact on, with our work, in our daily experience. So I’m going with that.”

Other questions

Springsteen also answered some other questions like “what is the best sandwich?”, to which he replied: “That’s easy, 3 a.m, peanut butter and jelly, big glass of milk.”

He also revealed what is the scariest animal to him and said he had been bit by it a few times: “The scariest animal used to be the shark because when I was younger I was a surfer. But I have been bit several times by a brown recluse spider and they leave a nasty necrotic sore. So I would say for me right now, a brown recluse spider. Spiders, I don’t like spiders.” Colbert then asked were Springsteen were bitten and he said “On my lower body”.

Springsteen also was asked if he ever asked someone for their autograph and he recalled a moment with his son: “Yes, I was with my son watching the New York Yankees in 1998. I mean, the 1998 Yankees, come on! We had a baseball ball that the whole team signed.”

Bruce Springsteen’s favorite action movie

Bruce also revealed his favorite action movie, saying: “Well, I actually love a picture that no one is going to know called ‘Vanishing Point’. He also revealed that his favorite smell is from his wife Patti Scialfa.

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