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Watch talented girl performing “Master of Puppets” (Primus Version) on bass

Watch talented girl performing “Master of Puppets” (Primus Version) on bass


Watch talented girl performing “Master of Puppets” (Primus Version) on bass

Anna Sentina is a professional musician that rocks on Youtube presenting her songs and also making great bass covers from rock n’ roll classics. In the video below you will be able to watch her amazing cover for Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets”, but the Primus version.


Primus plays the opening of the song as a “tease” where Les Claypool plays the guitar part on his bass. The most notable performance of this moment was at Woodstock 94.

Check it out:

“Master of Puppets” is title track from the 1986 eponymous Metallica album.

It is the second track of the album, preceded by a minor song, Battery. James Hetfield explained that the song “treats very well with drugs.” As things are traded around, instead of you controlling what you’re taking and doing, it’s drugs that control you. ”

Cliff Burton with a hat

This song was Cliff Burton’s favorite on the album, as quoted, when the album was released. And is the band’s most played song of all time, first played on December 31, 1985 at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for a crowd of 7,000. As of August 16 of 2017, the song has been performed 1,561 times (the most recent being August 16, 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Commonwealth Stadium).

During the band’s World Magnetic Tour, additional live performances were filmed in Mexico City; Nîmes, France and Sofia, Bulgaria. These performances were released on video in November 2009 (Mexico and Nîmes) and October 2010 (Sofia).

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