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Watch Nita Strauss the amazing playing Iron Maiden in music store

Nita Strauss playing Iron Maiden


Watch Nita Strauss the amazing playing Iron Maiden in music store

Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss jammed with guitarist Thomas Zwijsen playing “Aces High” and “The Trooper” classics by Iron Maiden.


Zwijsen is the founder of the Nylon Maiden project that plays versions of the Iron Maiden classics on guitar.

Check it out:

The meeting of the 2 virtuosos shows the interesting overlap of electric guitar with acoustic guitar, Zwijsen’s specialty.

Nita plays her signature Ibanez guitar while Zwijsen plays the Ortega guitar.

The video was made at the Thomann Music Store which has an initiative called The Gearhead University 2018 (TGU18).

Iron Maiden Cover

Before she became Alice Cooper’s guitarist, she was best known for her work with Iron Maiden all-female tribute band The Iron Maidens.

You can see her performing with the band below:

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