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Watch Megadeth’s “Tornado Of Souls” played live with cellos

Watch Megadeth's “Tornado Of Souls” played live with cellos

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Watch Megadeth’s “Tornado Of Souls” played live with cellos

You have to watch the amazing live performance of Emil and Daril in Las Vegas honoring Megadeth, playing “Tornado Of Souls,” a classic track from 1990’s legendary album, Rust In Peace.


Take a look:

The album

Rust in Peace is the fourth studio album by Megadeth and was released by Capitol Records in 1990. A remixed and remastered version featuring some bonus tracks was released in 2004. Dave Mustaine went so far as to say that Rust in Peace was the first album that Megadeth actually did as a band.


Rust in Peace is the band’s magnum opus. The album was very well accepted by fans and critics.

meadeth 1990

It is considered a classic of thrash metal. Some point it out, alongside Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Slayer’s Reign in Blood and Among the Living Anthrax as the best of all such story. Critics emphasized the sound quality superior to that of its predecessors, the more complex lyrics and the partially progressive style adopted by the band.

Megadeth received platinum for the album in 1994 and received Grammy nominations in 1991 and 1992 for Best Metal Performance. Rust in Peace was included in the book of 1001 albums you need to listen to before you die.

megadeth 90s

The album was a worldwide sales success, staying for several weeks in the Top 10 of the United States. It produced singles like “Hangar 18” and “Holy Wars … The Punishment Due”. In 2017, was chosen the 19th best metal album of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

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