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Watch Greta Van Fleet’s official video for “When The Curtain Falls”

Greta Van Fleet official video

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Watch Greta Van Fleet’s official video for “When The Curtain Falls”

The American band Greta Van Fleet released a new clip for the single “When The Curtain Falls”. The band had already posted a video shot upright a few weeks ago, but they chose to release a new video for the single, now in the traditional format.


In this video, the group, which has gained fame for the similarities with the legendary Led Zeppelin, appears in the desert in the midst of an eclipse while there are several other effects haunting them.

“When the Curtain Falls” is the first single from the upcoming debut album of the them, which is set to come out later this year. The name and release date have not yet been released.

Check it out:

The band played in Michigan homes in the United States for six years before climbing to the top of the radio charts last year with “Highway Tune,” which is part of the EP Black Smoke Rising.

Drummer Danny Wagner told Muski Universe that he doesn’t mind the band being compared to Led Zeppelin.

Read what he said:

“We understand, but you want to know? In the end, it’s an honor, “he said. Guitarist Jake Kiszka told FaceCulture that Led Zeppelin was not a big influence on the band “I think it’s one of the biggest accolades that could be given to a young band like us. They are arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so it is humble, inspiring and honorable in that sense … Even though it was not an overwhelming influence of ours, it was nevertheless influential and we certainly can see it, but in the does not really affect the composition of our music.”

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