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Watch full trailer for Elton John’s biopic “Rocketman”

Elton John biopic trailer

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Watch full trailer for Elton John’s biopic “Rocketman”

Paramount Pictures released the full trailer for Elton John’s biopic “Rocketman”, the musician is played by Taron Egerton. The actor recorded his own vocals for the movie and, earlier this week, a clip featuring him singing “Tiny Dancer” in the film came out.


See the trailer and the video of him singing below:

As Giles Martin, who served as producer of the soundtrack, relayed, John didn’t want Egerton to impersonate him as a singer:

“Elton said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone sing my songs better than Taron,’ The great thing about Elton is, he wants Taron’s interpretations of his songs.”

“The thing about playing somebody who is so beloved is, all we can do is give a heartfelt interpretation of his life and his music,” Egerton said. “Elton’s songs are defining moments in people’s lives. And the songs should all come from a place of character.”

Last year, Egerton pushed back against the idea that Rocketman is a traditional biopic.

He said:

“It isn’t,” he said. “It’s a fantasy musical, so it’s actually his songs used to express important beats in his life at emotional moments. He’s not the only character that sings. It’s going to be fun. … I’m going to do it all. I’m going to do it on set as well. We’re going to use a variety of techniques but I will always be singing on set. No miming. I’m just not interested in doing it that way.”

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