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Vinny Appice says Rock Hall of fame is “a joke” because Dio is not there

Vinny Appice Ronnie James Dio

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Vinny Appice says Rock Hall of fame is “a joke” because Dio is not there

Ex-Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinny Appice said that the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is “a joke” because Ronnie James Dio is not there. The musician talked about it in an interview  with Misplaced Straws.


When asked about him and Dio been left out of Black Sabbath’s induction in 2006, Vinny Appice said:

“Well, I think the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame suck anyway. It’s supposed to be rock and roll, and there’s people in there that [are] not rock and roll one bit. And just the way they do business — it took ’em that long to put Black Sabbath in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?”

“Black Sabbath started all this heavy stuff. Black Sabbath started the tuning down that affected everybody, and everybody copied it. And here’s a band that started all this stuff, and yet they weren’t in it. So I wasn’t expecting them to induct Ronnie and I. They should’ve, but they didn’t. So I think they suck.”

“I went [to the Rock Hall] once. It was a fricking joke. And Ronnie should have been in there, even by himself. He should have been inducted… He’s been in all these major bands and major albums, and he’s not in there. It’s sad. I don’t even care that they didn’t induct Dio — the band Dio — but they should have did him and mentioned us. That would have been nice. I mean, ‘Holy Diver’ is 37 years old and it’s still selling. So that’s a joke, that whole thing.”

Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio died in 2010 due to stomatch cancer at 67.

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