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Venom’s Cronos explains why he never talks about the meaning of his songs

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Venom’s Cronos explains why he never talks about the meaning of his songs

In a recent talk with Consequence of Sound, Venom frontman Cronos revealed why he never talks about the meaning of the bands songs.


He said:

“We have a lot of fans who like to dissect the lyrics and work out what certain meanings are and things. I’m not going to take that away from them.

“You never see a novelist who releases a novel then release a second book to explain the novel. It just doesn’t happen. That’s for your interpretation.

“I always write songs that have a few different meanings, so you can read into them depending on what kind of standpoint you want to come from. I mean, I can do a three-hour interview on one song alone. I’m not going to be able to sum it up for you in a minute.”

New album

Venom released a new album titled “Storm The Gates” through Spinefarm Records.

“Storm The Gates” follows “From The Very Depths”, 2015. It will be the third work of the band with the current lineup, composed by Rage on guitar, Danté on drums and, of course, Cronos on vocals and bass.

“We always say that a song has to meet, it has to develop,” says Cronos, about “Storm The Gates” and the three-year break between the new album and its predecessor. “We had almost three years with these compositions, accelerating a bit, slowing down a bit, changing the lyrics, adding breaks, moving verses.”

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