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Unreleased Guns N’ Roses song featuring Brian May leaks

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Unreleased Guns N’ Roses song featuring Brian May leaks

The website Guns N’ Roses Central reported that snippets of unreleased Guns N’ Roses songs have surfaced online. One of the songs is the track “Atlas Shrugged” recorded in 1999 with Brian May of Queen.


According to the same source, over 15 CDs of unheard GN’R music from the “Chinese Democracy” sessions have recently surfaced.

The article says:

“There is a ton of stuff that is out there that hasn’t leaked! Over 15 CDs from ‘Chinese’ sessions have been found in some Geffen executive storage locker.

“The GN’R stuff in the locker was sold to a fan who has all this stuff. Tracks include ‘Perhaps’ (3rd Brian May song), ‘Zodiac,’ ‘Hard School’ (you know it as ‘Checkmate’), ‘Oklahoma,’ ‘Atlas,’ ‘Billionaire,’ ‘3 Dollar Pyramid,’ and all of ‘AFD’ re-recorded and so much more.

“I’ve heard a clip. Not sure what the board members want for it, though. I’ve tried reaching out – no reply. I’ve spoken to the guy who originally purchased the locker and got a lot of info from him. There isn’t really nothing to trade for it ’cause it’s the mother load.

“The recordings are apparently from a studio called ‘The Village.’ Only a few people have been involved with it which I’m not gonna reveal any names but it’s a small circle. The CDs are from recording sessions at The Village.”

The source also pointed out:

“[Geffen A&R Tom] Zutaut (formerly worked on ‘Chinese Democracy’ in 2001) had two lockers. One locker contained ‘UYI’ DAT tapes. The second locker contained ‘Chinese’ tracks recorded at The Village pre-Bucket.

“The 15 CDs are not just full songs. Example, one CD had various drum tracks and guitar tracks. There are a lot of instrumentals. Only about 15 songs have actual lyrics. In fact, the way this was found out was because for a short time 1 CD appeared on eBay, but was removed when the board member from this part purchased it and then bought the rest of them.

“Both lockers were sold! The ‘UYI’ tapes were sold to a group of collectors who chipped in. But it’s nothing really special because they sound just like the final versions. Locker 2 with ‘Chinese’ stuff was sold to one person and that person is a member of this board.

“They refuse to talk, though, which is understandable. I know who all the buyers are. I’ve spoken to the original person who bought the locker which Chinese stuff! He isn’t a GN’R fan so he didn’t realize the value of what he had.”

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