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UFO vocalist Phil Mogg says the band is over

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UFO vocalist Phil Mogg says the band is over

The UFO vocalist and co-founder Phil Mogg (76) said that the band is over and the final shows are the ones made in 2022. The group was planing a farewell tour in 2022 but after suffering a heart attack that year, Mogg had to change the plans and now in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock he said that the group is really over.


When asked if we could see more from UFO in the future, the musician said: “No, no. I think it’s come to a conclusion. We did that last U.K. tour in 2019, just before COVID. So that was kind of the end of it and the time was right,” Phil Mogg said.

Formed in London, England in 1968, they became in the following decades one of the most influential Hard Rock bands of all time. Besides Mogg, some of the other classic members of the band were Pete Way (Bass), Andy Parker (Drums) and Michael Schenker (Guitar).

In almost five decades of career, the band released 22 studio albums, the final one being “The Salentino Cuts” (2017). They were a huge influence to famous bands like Iron Maiden, for example. For decades, the Metal band plays their song “Doctor Doctor” as the intro of their concerts. The band’s leader, the bassist Steve Harris is a huge fan of UFO.

Some of their most famous tracks are “Doctor Doctor”, “Rock Bottom”, “Mother Mary” and “Lights Out”.

UFO’s final concert

Their final line-up had Phil Mogg (Vocals), Andy Parker (Drums), Neil Carter (Keyboards), Vinnie Moore (Guitar) and Rob De Luca (Bass).

The band’s final show happened in Enderndorf, Spalt, Germany on July 16, 2022. According to Setlist FM, the setlist had nine songs.

  1. Fighting Man
  2. Only You Can Rock Me
  3. Cherry
  4. Lights Out
  5. Love to Love
  6. Rock Bottom
  7. Too Hot to Handle
  8. Doctor Doctor
  9. Shoot Shoot

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