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U2’s Bono Vox creates songs to fight the Coronavirus

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U2’s Bono Vox creates songs to fight the Coronavirus

U2‘s frontman Bono Vox made a song to fight the new Coronavirus and he shared on the band’s official Instagram.


Bono Vox said:

“For the Italians who inspired it… the Irish… for ANYONE who this St. Patrick’s day is in a tight spot and still singing. For the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line, it’s you we’re singing to.


Coronaviruses are a group of simple positive-sense RNA genome viruses (used directly for protein synthesis), known since the mid-1960s. Also, they belong to the taxonomic subfamily Orthocoronavirinae of the family Coronaviridae, of the order Nidovirales.

Also, they are a common cause of mild to moderate respiratory infections of short duration. Coronaviruses also include the virus that causes the form of severe atypical pneumonia known as SARS.

Rockstars are in the risk group

Most rockstars from the 60s, 70s and 80s have ages ranging from 60 to 80 years old. Therefore, they are on the risk group. For people that have 60 years of age and over, the Coronavirus can be more serious.

Dozens of tours were postponed to to guarantee the safety of fans, since agglomerations are currently being banned in many countries and also to guarantee the safety of musicians, who are in the risk group. Kiss, for example, canceled meet and greets with fans and shortly afterwards postponed the last three shows of the current part of their tour.

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