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U2 announce Las Vegas residency 2023 dates

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U2 announce Las Vegas residency 2023 dates

After four years away from the stage, U2 will finally perform live again in 2023 and they announced a Las Vegas residency next September and October. The shows will happen at the Sphere and the band will perform without the drummer Larry Mullen Jr. who will not tour this years for medical reasons. He will be replaced by the dutch musician Bram Van Den Berg.


“He’s a real powerhouse, but he’s also just a great hang. That was the criteria. We’ve since done a little more work together to see how it might work. I think it’s going to be great,” The Edge said.

U2 Las Vegas residency 2023 dates


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The guitarist The Edge talked about the place where U2 will perform, saying: “The beauty of the Sphere is not only the ground-breaking technology that will make it so unique, with the world’s most advanced audio system, integrated into a structure which is designed with sound quality as a priority; it’s also the possibilities around immersive experience in real and imaginary landscapes.”

“In short, it’s a canvas of an unparalleled scale and image resolution and a once-in-a-generation opportunity. We all thought about it and decided we’d be mad not to accept the invitation,” The Edge said.

MSG Sphere introduces a new medium of entertainment. Fans will feel the impact of the greatest band in the world’s most experiential venue which introduces the first 16K screen that wraps up, around, and behind the audience. Sphere Immersive Sound delivers pitch perfect audio to every seat in the house. 4D technologies will let the audience feel the wind on their face, the heat on their skin and the rumble of thunder.

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