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Tommy Lee says Mötley Crüe recorded a song called “Canceled”

Tommy Lee

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Tommy Lee says Mötley Crüe recorded a song called “Canceled”

Mötley Crüe is known not only for their music but also for the lifestyle and behavior of the band members, at least back in the 80s and 90s when the band was experimenting practically everything in excess. Although their behavior was never and good example, the band claims they were never “canceled”, like many other artists are nowadays sometimes for less than they did. In an interview with Bill Maher, the drummer Tommy Lee revealed that they recorded a new song called “Canceled”, that was inspired by an article that tried to explain why the band was never “canceled”.


Tommy Lee talked about the new Mötley Crüe song called “Canceled”:

“We just recorded a song called ‘Canceled’ because we were just inspired by the rest of the world and things and places, like anybody else,” he told Bill Maher in the latest episode of his Club Random podcast.

“There was this article that was like, ‘How did Motley Crue ever not get canceled?’ And we were like, ‘Fuck, we got to write a song about that because we didn’t ever get it.’ We we snuck in under the whatever threshold, wherever that was, where we got away with fucking murder.”

He continued:

The interviewer than tried to explain his point of view about Crüe never getting canceled: “You don’t have to worry about this. That headline, ‘Has a Motley been canceled?’ – the real headline is, ‘You know they can’t be if they haven’t been by now. It’s a done deal. We’ve accepted them.”

The drummer replied, saying: “Which actually kind of pisses me off because now I want to even try harder! You know, I’ll get drunk and take pictures of my d*ck and throw it up on the internet – and that doesn’t do anything either. So I guess I guess I’m safe, but …,” Tommy Lee said.

There is still no information about the next Mötley Crüe album. The band had revealed that they started recording the record with producer Bob Rock this year but there is still no plans to release the tracks yet. It will be their first album without the original guitarist Mick Mars and the first one to feature John 5, who had worked with artists like David Lee Roth, Marylin Manson and Rob Zombie.

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