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There are already two metal bands named Covid-19

Covid-19 bands

Heavy Metal

There are already two metal bands named Covid-19

Covid-19 disease is all over the world and there are already more than 2 million cases, with 120,000 confirmed deaths. So far, two metal bands with the name Covid-19 have been created, according to the traditional Metal-Archives website. They are from Brazil and Russia.


The Brazilian already has an EP released. Based on death metal and goregrind. Formed in Recife (PE), the band is formed only by the musician Érdos. The EP, entitled “When the Traditional Margarine Commercial Family Dies”, was released in digital format by Póstumo Sölstício Records.

Hear Brazilian Covid-19 band single:

Russian Covid-19 band

The other band called Covid-19 comes from Russia. And already has two EPs released in practically record time. The materials are entitled “We All Die” and “Collapse Of The Planet”, were released in digital format independently. And it varies from genres such as death and doom metal.

Songs named after Covid-19

It is also worth mentioning the band Chaos Synopsis, also Brazilian. Who released the song “Coronavirus”. The thrash/death metal group comes from São José dos Campos (SP).

The track, however, features only one member of the band: Friggi MadBeats on all instruments. With solo by American guitarist Sebastian Phillips, a member of bands like Exhumed and Noisem.

In the video description, there is also information that the two guitarists of Chaos Synopsis have symptoms of Covid-19. Luiz Ferrari, in particular, has pneumonia and awaits test results.

Since the the pandemic appeared, only 3 months ago, more than 100.000 people died due to the Coronavirus. Also, the United States is the country most affected by the virus until now. The country already registred more than 545.000 cases. Many bands like MetallicaIron Maiden and Kiss postponed their tour dates.

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