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The Who’s Roger Daltrey explains why he hates the internet

Roger Daltrey
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The Who’s Roger Daltrey explains why he hates the internet

The Who singer Roger Daltrey explained in an interview with Coda Collection why he hates the internet. The musician talked about the internet when asked how his band would try to achieve success if it was starting nowadays.


The Who’s Roger Daltrey explains why he hates the internet:

“I’ve got no idea. You’re talking to the number one hater of the internet. I loathe it. At the time it really started to come forward as this platform it’s become, I never ever thought any good would come of it and I really still don’t think any good’s come of it. I think if we’re not careful, it’s probably the end of our civilization. Yes, it’s very convenient. It’s destroying our planet in more ways than one.”

“And it’s destroying our brains in more ways than one. It’s destroying our society in more ways than one. So all in all, the sooner it fucking collapses, the better and we get back to talking to people face-to-face, making real music. Making things and putting out product because this streaming shit with musicians where they can’t earn a living making music.”

“Songwriters can’t earn a living writing songs. Composers can’t earn a living composing music. That can’t go on. That’s got to stop. It’s the biggest fraud or robbery, whatever you want to call it, in history- what’s happened to the music business.”


Born in March 1, 1944, Roger Daltrey is The Who’s co-founder abd sold over 100 million records worldwide with the group. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by U2 as a member of the band back in 1990.

In 1973, Daltrey started his solo career while still a member of the Who. Since then he has released ten solo studio albums, five compilation albums, and one live album. His solo hits include “Giving It All Away”, “Walking the Dog”, “Written on the Wind”, “Free Me”, “Without Your Love” and “Under a Raging Moon”.

Roger was ranked number 61 on the Rolling Stone magazine list of the 100 greatest singers of all time.

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