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The Who’s Keith Moon accidentally killed his driver back in 1970

Keith Moon car


The Who’s Keith Moon accidentally killed his driver back in 1970

Keith Moon became known not only for his music skills, but for the eccentric personality and savage behavior. The Who drummer (23 year-old at the time) unfortunately accidentally killed his driver back in January 1970 after trying to drive his bentley after a fight in a bar.


How The Who drummer Keith Moon accidentally killed his driver back in 1970:

Keith Moon didn’t knew how to drive or had a driver’s license, so when he became famous he had his own driver, Cornelius Boland. They always went out for a ride with one of the musician’s cars.

One day in 1970, the pair went with Moon’s Bentley to a pub. The star didn’t really want to go, but as the new bar belonged to a neighbor’s son, and he needed a little help to promote, he agreed to stop by.

Keith Moon car wrecked

Arriving there, Moon saw a group of tired and broke workers. He, without fitting in, ordered an expensive bourbon while everyone drank beer. The extravagant clothes and the whole attitude did not please the skinheads of the place. When they drank more alcohol than they should the fight started.

Moon and his friends, in the minority, did the most intelligent thing: they ran away. The musician, the driver and a few other people entered the Bentley and tried to get out of there, but were stopped by the angry mob. They threw stones and coins, kicked the automobile, and tried to overturn it.

Moon ran over the driver

As reported by Rolling Stone back in 1970, Boland that was only 24 at the time was knocked into the path of the car when desperate, went out to try to contain some people. Keith Moon, frightened, decided to jump into the driver’s seat and try to drive away. Even though he was drunk and not knowing how to drive. But the worst happened: he ran over the driver. Boland got stuck under the car and Moon continued to drive. He ended up being dragged to the end of the street. The driver was taken to the hospital, but ended up dying that same night.

Keith Moon was prosecuted for the death, and accused of driving drunk and without a license. He pleaded guilty to all the charges. But the death was eventually dismissed as accidental, and six weeks later the drummer was released without conviction.

Under the circumstances, the judge told Moon, “You had no choice but to act the way you did and no moral culpability is attached to you.”

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