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The tragic story of Keith Moon death

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The tragic story of Keith Moon death

The Who drummer Keith Moon was found dead in London in 1978 after being overdosed on clometiazole, a substance prescribed for him to relieve alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Moon was only 32 years old, but the uncontrolled use of drugs and alcohol had swollen him to the point that he appeared to be at least a decade older at the time of his death.


A month before the tragedy, Moon gave his last television interview. At the time, on Good Morning America, he was with Pete Townshend to promote The Who’s newly released album Who Are You.

Talking with anchor David Hartman, Moon joked about his bad habits when asked if his life was under control. “In a few days,” he said. “In others, I’m fine out of control. Incredibly, drunk.

Watch the last Keith Moon interview before his death:

On his last night of his life, he went to the premiere of The Story of Buddy Holly with Paul and Linda McCartney. After the movie, he returned to his apartment and watched Vincent Price’s 1971 comedy The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

Before going to sleep, he took 32 clometiazole tablets and was found dead hours later. The Who hit the road in May of the following year, with The Faces’ Kenney Jones on drums. It lasted until 1989, when future Toto drummer Simon Phillips took over.

In 1996, Ringo Starr’s talented son, Zak Starkey, took on this mission, which is his job to this day, meaning he has more time with The Who’s drumsticks than Keith Moon. Starkey, however, is the first to admit that absolutely no one can take Moon’s place. He was irreplaceable and the group was never the same after he died.

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