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The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde criticizes autograph hounds

Chrissie Hynde

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The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde criticizes autograph hounds

The Pretenders guitarist and singer Chrissie Hynde criticized on her social networks the autograph hounds that are always trying to get Rock stars autographs to sell them online later. In the same statement she also talked about how it was to tour with Guns N’ Roses in Europe and United States. Her band is currently promoting their most recent album  “Relentless” that was released last September 1st.


The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde criticizes autograph hounds

“Hey all! I really want to thank everyone who came to our shows. What a fantastic tour. Made great by your good selves. ( Although the boys and myself and our stellar crew also played an important part).
We loved the Guns N’ Roses support slot. GnR were so good to us. ( no, not ’that’ – stop it)!”

“And their entire crew were super easygoing and fun. No messing. We love them. The photo of Slash ( hero) in his Pretenders t shirt made my heart skip a beat. And taking to the stage with Axl… what girl hasn’t dreamed of THAT??!! And playing the small clubs was a total joy. Those are my favorite venues…( as I keep telling you over the years). Naturally, we would love to play the clubs for evermore, but the enormous cost of touring prohibits it.”

She continued:

“I suppose our next tour will be theaters. Then we can mix it up. Some ‘hit’s and obscure Pretenders album tracks. ( yes, I know they’re called. ’deep cuts’ in the business. Ok, Deep Cuts if you must)..
And I want to apologize for not stopping to say hello outside the venues. I used to, but certain individuals have made it too much brain damage to deal with. It’s not you lovely fans – it’s the guys with stacks of albums and guitars they want signed.”

“(Personally , I appreciate a good scam, but c’mon! How cheap). You would not believe how entitled some people think they are. Aggressive? Don’t get me started. And speaking for myself only ( not the guys in the band, I dunno if they like it or not) I do NOT like being recognized or approached in public.”

Chrissie continued:

“Why? Because I like doing ordinary things like walking around on my own on the street, or shopping, or going to museums and whatnot. Exploring cities. That’s why I do this, the music is a byproduct of wanting to see the world. So I would like to say to those that make it a problem, “ Go fuck yourselves – and do it today”! (Thank you Robert Crumb for coining that excellent phrase)”.

“And now I will carry on dumping out all my cosmetic bags and sharpening my eye pencils. (Which I reckon I must have about 100 of by now). And doing my laundry and hangin it up on the Lazy Maid ( look it up) It’s the little mundane joys in life after all.
Looking forward to seeing y”all again soon. We start up again in a week,” Chrissie Hynde said.

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