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The new guitarist that Eric Clapton said is his favorite

Eric Clapton
Photos from Cooper Neill and Mk.gee's Facebook


The new guitarist that Eric Clapton said is his favorite

Eric Clapton will celebrate his 80th birthday in 2025 and he started his musical career back in 1962, more than six decades ago. So he had the chance to not only be part of the history of guitar playing, but also to see many incredible artists who reinvented the way the guitar was played in Rock and Blues.


Although many fans believe that Rock music and Blues are dead, there are many incredible artists appearing during the last years and they just need to get more exposure and support from listeners to become bigger. A good proof of that is that Eric Clapton revealed who is his favorite new guitarist and he named an American artist who is still in his 20s.

The new guitarist that Eric Clapton said is his favorite

It was in an interview with The Real Music Observer (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar), that Eric Clapton was asked about his favorite contemporary guitar players and then he revealed that the American Mk.gee is his current favorite one.

“Where is Mk.gee in that list? Mk.gee kinda sits in a bit of a pop category for me. Right. But it’s unique. And he has found things to do on the guitar that are like nobody else. I think he goes into – I used to have one of these things – a Tascam? It’s a four-track recording cassette machine. He uses that as a preamp,” Eric Clapton said.

Clapton revealed that it was his daughter who showed him Mk.gee’s music and he said that it kind of reminds him about the first time he heard the late legendary Prince play.

“My daughter turned me on (to Mk.gee) today, and I trust her taste. And not only that, we’re (speaking about the music industry and guitar scene) safe. The same when I first saw Prince, it was like we’re safe. Just to know it’s there (musicians like Mk.gee) is enough.”

Mk.gee said that Eric Clapton was an inspiration for him

Mk.gee curiously says that Eric Clapton was an inspiration for him as a guitar player. He told that in an interview with Complex in 2018. “Eric Clapton, Jimi… more artists on the side of people who have shifted musical trends. People that take these instruments and don’t play them how the instruments supposed to be played.”

“I was really drawn to that but I didn’t know why at the time. I just knew I really liked it. Especially with Jimi’s playing, which really changed the game. He didn’t play like any conventional guitarists from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Deep Purple and all that classic rock stuff, too,” Mk.gee said.

Who is Mk.gee

Michael Todd Gordon, better known as Mk.gee was born in Linwood, New Jersey in 1997. At that time was already one of the most important guitarists of all time and was even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, one as a member of The Yardbirds and the second as a member of Cream.

Besides being a singer and multi-instrumentalist, Mk.gee is also a producer and his music is focused more on Indie, Alternative and Lo-fi. Besides many singles, the musician already released two EPs: “Pronounced McGee” (2018) and “Fool” (2018). His first complete studio album “Two Star & The Dream Police” was finally released in 2024. Some of his most famous songs are “Are You Looking Up”, “Alesis” and “How Many Miles”.

He also contributed with other artists over the years, working as a songwriter and producer with names like Dijon, Omar Apollo and Kacy Hill. He also co-wrote and produced the track “Kids Are Growing Up (Part 1) by The Kid Laroi, who is another praised young musician.

Mk.gee’s national television debut happened at Jimmy Kimmel last April 11, 2024. At the show he performed the track “Are You Looking Up”.

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