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The mysterious death of Brian Jones

Brian Jones mysterious death


The mysterious death of Brian Jones

The mysterious death of Brian Jones occurred in July, 1969 when he was 27 years old. According to the autopsy, the death of the founder of the Rolling Stones occurred at 11:50 pm on July 2, 1969. First responders to the call at Cotchford Farm gave up trying to revive him 0:45 on July 3, which is why this was considered the date of the death of the musician.


Almost five decades later, no one knows exactly the circumstances of Brian’s death. The police inquiry attested to accidental drowning. The autopsy revealed that the ex-stone had consumed three cups of alcohol and that there were traces of amphetamine and tranquilizers in his blood.

Brian was accompanied by his girlfriend Anna Wholin, the contractor Frank Thorogood and his girlfriend Janet Lawson.

Brian Jones drinking

The statements were contradictory, but the version accepted by the police said that Brian, Anna and Thorogood were in the pool, when Anna entered the house, where Janet was. Shortly thereafter, Thorogood also came in, leaving Brian alone. Janet would have seen Brian floating in the pool when she left the house.

Nurse, Janet would have done all the possible rescue procedures. Then an ambulance was called, but Brian could not resist.


Brian had no good relations with Thorogood and had threatened to suspend his payments and fire him. Jealous of the fame and the money of the star and humiliated by Brian, according to parallel version, the contractor would have drowned the musician as a revenge.

Thorogood himself would have admitted to family members having murdered Brian shortly before his death. The version has never been confirmed, although to date the case has been studied and researched by several authors. Years later, Janet Lawson also accused the former comrade of the crime. The police never accepted the thesis.

Brian Jones playing guitar

Rolling Stones Founder

Brian Jones was the founder of the Rolling Stones, although he lost control of the band to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards when the duo began to compose, which strengthened the relationship between the Glimmer Twins.

Person of difficult personality, Brian had 5 children. The first was with his girlfriend of choice, Valerie Corbett, just 17, causing huge scandal in the conservative Cheltenham. The child, Barry David, was given adoption.

Making married women pregnant, despising his children, Brian only had some regard for Pat Andrews, with whom he had his daughter Julian Mark Andrews, and came to live with her for some time.

Polaristic Character

Brian Jones Jimi Hendrix

Brian’s character has been painted in different ways throughout the ages and biographers are divided. Some present him as a monster, aggressive, irresponsible, rude, inconvenient, unpleasant and totally paranoid.

Others put him as a victim of fate, being a fragile person who had the great loves of his life, the Stones and Anita Palenberg, stolen by Mick and Keith. According to these, Brian would have been a victim of conspiracy led by Andrew Loog Oldham.

Blues Pioneer in England

The truth is that Brian was one of the pioneers of the blues in England. It was one of the first to play harmonica and guitar slide. Responsible for reuniting and christening the Rolling Stones, Brian was the band’s leader in its infancy, obtaining financial privileges hidden from his companions due to his leadership but also serving as a teacher to Mick and Keith, who were much less experienced musicians at the time.

In a way, it is possible to say that the Rolling Stones wouldn’t exist as we know them today without Brian. Although the meeting between Dartford’s friends had nothing to do with Cheltenham’s boy, the band we have known for the past 55 years would certainly not exist under this name and formation, which evidently would not prevent Mick and Keith from having another group of immense success.


Fired months before his death by being sunk in the drugs, Brian became a dead weight for the band that he created. He practically didn’t played guitar again, no longer appeared in the studio and his contribution was almost nil. That made Mick, Keith, and Charlie fire him.

In a statement released to the press, Brian said he left the band in concert because he had no musical affinities with his teammates and wanted to follow new directions.

Even today, when they talk about Brian, the Stones lament the direction things have taken. Mick admitted to Crossfire Hurricane that they might have gotten around to it. The same had already said Charlie in the documentary 25×5.

As Brian asked, maybe it’s best not to judge him for so long, and preserve the memory of a creative and influential musician who gave the world one of the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

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