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The Mission’s Wayne Hussey talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

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The Mission’s Wayne Hussey talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

The Mission vocalist Wayne Hussey talked about the Covid-19 pandemic in an exclusive interview with Rock and Roll Garage. The legendary musician revealed to journalist Rafael Polcaro that he is at home in Brazil in the countryside with his wife, dogs and cats. He also revealed that he is putting a new version for the “Tower Of Strength” together for coronavirus related charity actions.


The Mission’s Wayne Hussey interview about Covid-19 pandemic:

Could you talk about the Covid-19 situation? What are you doing during quarantine? Are you in Brazil?

“I am at home in the Brazilian countryside with my wife, Cinthya, and our 5 dogs and 2 cats. We are pretty secluded here so feel fairly safe despite the best efforts of that despot, Bolsonaro.”

“We have been creative; Cin painting, both of us making music, even some music together – I have a pretty good studio at home. I have been putting a new version of Tower Of Strength together for Covid-19 related charities enlisting the participation of some of my musical friends and acquaintances.”

Wayne Hussey dogs

“I’ve been listening through to hundreds of unlabelled cassettes and finding old demos that I am archiving with view to a possible release at some point; and even managed to do a little work on the follow-up to my autobiography, Salad Daze. All in all trying to keep busy to keep the darkness from creeping Into my psyche too much.”

“It’s quite easy to feel crushed by the state of limbo we’re in. Nobody really knows how this situation will play out, how long it will take to get ‘back to normal’, if we ever do. There is no definitive information available yet so it is impossible to plan anything with any confidence. I must though or I’d end up climbing the walls.”

Do you think live concerts will ever be the same?

Wayne Hussey painting

“Will concerts ever be the same? Well, I have to hope so because playing live is, by far, my biggest source of income. We, The Mission, were on tour in Europe at the time the virus hit big and countries started locking down.”

“We’d only just played 10 shows of the 56 we had scheduled and it was a race from Lisbon back to the UK so that we could all get home before the lockdowns were enforced. Obviously, this did hit us financially but most of the rest of the world is suffering in the same way. We have rescheduled for March-April next year, 2021, by which time we hope it will be safe to tour. Whether will be remains to be seen, I hope so but I do have my doubts. Until Covid-19 is totally eradicated or a vaccine is found then there has to be, sadly, some doubt.”

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