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The meaning of Phil Collins “One More Night”


The meaning of Phil Collins “One More Night”

In 1985 Phil Collins released “No Jacket Required”, his third solo studio album, which also became his best-selling record. It sold an estimated amount of more than 25 million copies worldwide and had many hits, including “One More Night”, which became one of Collins’ most famous tracks.


But what is the meaning behind that song which became a number one hit in several countries? Phil Collins explained the meaning behind the lyrics.

The meaning of Phil Collins “One More Night”

As Phil Collins explained in an interview back in 1985 (Transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage) to promote the album, the song was inspired by an experience every person has.

Because when you date someone and really like that person you want to make everything right to really become her boyfriend or girlfriend. However, when you suddenly see her or him with someone else you get a feeling that you could have done more. You get a feeling that if you had just a few extra moments to show that person that you were the right one, you could have been the chosen one.

“The idea of the song is that as I’m sure many people have been through the experience of when you date a girl and you get on very well. Then suddenly you see her with somebody else. You just know (that if you had one more night) to explain or to show her that you were the right man for the gig (laughs).”

He continued:

“I mean, just one more night which would put everything straight.That’s really what the song is about. Sitting by the telephone and not knowing whether you should call (her) in case somebody else picks the phone up and that kind of stuff,” Phil Collins said.

“One More Night” was a massive hit and peaked at number 1 on the United States Billboard chart at the time. It sold an estimated amount of more than 250 thousand copies in the UK and more than 500 thousand copies in the United States.

Besides singing, the Genesis vocalist also recorded the keyboards in the track and the backing vocals. It also had Daryl Stuermer (Guitar), Leland Sklar (Bass), Don Myrick (Saxophone) and Arif Mardin (String arrangements).

Besides “One More Night”, the successful album also had other hits like “Take Me Home” and “Sussudio”.

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