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The funny habit Lemmy had after concerts according to Rob Halford

Rob Halford Lemmy
Photos from Rob Halford's and Motörhead's Instagram


The funny habit Lemmy had after concerts according to Rob Halford

Motörhead bassist and singer Lemmy Kilmister was an unique character with a unique lifestyle. In an interview with Metal Hammer back in 2020 Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford recalled the funny habit the late musician had after concerts.


The funny habit Lemmy had after concerts according to Rob Halford:

“We played lots of and lots of shows with Motörhead and I always found it amusing that after they’d played Lemmy would put his hair in a turban. I made a point of going to see him after each show and I’d always end up sitting on Lemmy’s lap. Imagine that! The Metal God sitting on Lemmy’s lap, with his hair in a turban.

“There’s also a bittersweet one regarding a photo on my Instagram. After a South American tour together we were heading back to Los Angeles. It had been a long, long flight. Lemmy had been sitting by himself and you generally didn’t want to get too close to him if that was the case, but I went and said thanks for a great tour. We had a bit of a chat and internally I felt something was going to happen. [Rob falls silent, trying to compose himself].

“Sorry… that’s an upsetting memory. I asked him for a selfie and he said fuck off, but we took it anyway and it’s the last photograph of me and Lemmy together. I still miss Lem and everything he stands for in rock’n’roll. But the music will last forever. That’s what I tell myself whenever I’m feeling down.”

Motörhead covered Judas Priest classic song “Breaking The Law” to the 2008 compilation album0 “Hell Bent Forever: A Tribute to Judas Priest”

Lemmy Kilmister

Motörhead singer and bassist Lemmy Kilmister unfortunately died in 2015 at his home in Los Angeles, California, on December 28, at the age of 70. He died due to aggressive prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure. The vocalist had been suffering from diabetes and other health problems for several years.

In an interview with Bass Player magazine he commented on the way he used to play bass: “I was a guitar player first, so I’m used to playing chords. It’s just like playing the guitar without the top two strings. I just made chords out of what strings I had left. It’s unorthodox, but it works for us.“

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