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The Darkness vocalist is hospitalized after bizarre accident

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The Darkness vocalist is hospitalized after bizarre accident

The Darkness vocalist and guitarist Justin Hawkins was hospitalized after bizarre accident. He was trying to clean the pool of his house when had toxic chemicals. Then he was covered by the substance and his shorts melted onto his skin.


He was forced to undergo emergency treatment and talked about the painful experience:

“There was a problem with the pool, a pump thing and some chemicals came out of it. I think it was a PH negative chemical to control the acidity of the pool. I was trying to fix it and I touched my legs and my shorts melted onto my legs, so then I had to go to hospital.”

Hawkins, currently living in Switzerland with his wife and daughter, is expected to fully recover from his injuries. Pool chemicals, such as chlorine and muriatic acid, can cause severe burns if they are not properly handled.

The Darkness

The Darkness is an English hard rock band, formed in 2000. Their songs have an influence on 70’s rock bands, such as Queen, Mercyful Fate, Kiss, Mott the Hoople, Van Halen, T.Rex and Sweet.

Brothers Justin Hawkins and Dan Hawkins were born in Suffolk, England, and started a cover band, with Dan on vocals. In 1997, Justin went to university in Huddersfield and Dan went to London looking for a band he could play with. It was there that he met bassist Frankie Poullain, with whom he shared an apartment.

On weekends, Justin and a brother-friendly drummer, Ed Graham, visited Dan in London. The trio formed a progressive rock band called Empire. It didn’t last long because they were not satisfied with the result. Especially with Dan’s performance on vocals. A while later, Justin participated in a contest with Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Dan was impressed with his brother’s performance and realized that Justin should sing from now on.

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