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The band Brian May said he would like to be a member of

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The band Brian May said he would like to be a member of

The guitarist Brian May helped to form Queen in 1970 and over the decades was one of the most important elements of the band’s success due to his incredible guitar playing and unique sound.


In an interview with The Guardian, the musician answered many questions from the fans and one of them was: “If Queen didn’t exist, which band (from any era) would you most want to have been in?”

The band Brian May said he would like to be a member of

“The Beatles, probably. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been easy to be a Beatle, but that incredible level of creativity, I would relate to. I watched a lot of Get Back. I got a bit sad watching the first one, because it reminded me of us – sometimes Queen in the studio would be [inhales nervously]”

“’Here we are, and things aren’t quite fitting’. I felt they were in quite a painful place – but the second one, I felt like they were really finding each other again. It’s a textbook of how to be in a studio. If it wasn’t the Beatles, it could’ve been Led Zeppelin. If they let me in,” Brian May said.

In the same interview he also answered which was his biggest regret. According to the musician he hardly doesn’t accept to collaborate with other artists and he said he wished he had the chance to do something with the late Beatle John Lennon.


Queen came to an end after the death of the legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury in 1991 at the age of 45 but the group’s legacy continued being led by Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, since the bassist John Deacon decided to retire.

The band’s final album “Made In Heaven” was released in 1995, featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals. Since then the group, formed only by Roger and May, toured with the Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers, recording the 2008 album “C-lebrity” and since 2011 they tour with the American singer Adam Lambert.

They are one of the best-selling bands of all time with an estimated amount of 250 to 300 million records sold worldwide.

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