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The 2 Led Zeppelin albums that Bruce Dickinson said are favorites

Bruce Dickinson Zeppelin


The 2 Led Zeppelin albums that Bruce Dickinson said are favorites

Bruce Dickinson joined Iron Maiden in the early 80s and helped the band to become even more famous with the release of classic albums like “Number Of The Beast” (1982) and “Piece Of Mind” (1983). They are one of the best-selling bands of all time, with an estimated amount of more than 130 million records sold worldwide.


In his youth, Dickinson was influenced by many legendary Rock and Roll singers, especially the ones from the United Kingdom.  The Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant was one of them and the musician is a fan of the group.

To show a little bit more of his love for them, Rock and Roll Garage selected the 2 albums that Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson said are some of his favorites of all time.

The 2 Led Zeppelin albums that Bruce Dickinson said are some of his favorites of all time

“Led Zeppelin II”

Back in 2011, when Iron Maiden had recently released their praised about “The Final Frontier” (2011), Bruce Dickinson gave an interview to Rolling Stone Indonesia (Reported by Gibson). He talked about some of his favorite albums of all time. One of them was Led Zeppelin’s second album “Led Zeppelin II” released in 1969.

That album captures Dickinson’s favorite Led Zeppelin era as he told Loudwire back in 2015. When talking about vocalists he admires, the musician recalled how incredible were Zeppelin’s live shows. Even when they were on TV.

“The early Robert Plant stuff. Really early Zeppelin was unbelievable. My favorite stuff from that era, they did like Danish TV shows and they did live. Wow, it is like completly unedited. Raw as it was. It’s just astonishing. It’s primal,” Bruce Dickinson said.

Also produced by the band’s guitarist and co-founder Jimmy Page, the album is one of the most successful from the group. It has classic tracks like “Whole Lotta Love”, “Thank You”, “Heartbreaker”, “Ramble On” and “Moby Dick”.

“Led Zeppelin IV”

Zeppelin’s fourth album “Led Zeppelin IV” is another record that Bruce Dickinson already listed as one of his favorites of all time. The musician mentioned the record on a list he made for the website of the BBC Radio show he had a few years ago. The album was among the 15 records he chose as “essential”.

As all the Led Zeppelin albums, the fourth one was also produced by the guitarist Jimmy Page. He had an extensive experience as a session musician. Released in 1971, that record had “Stairway To Heaven”, one of their biggest hits. It also features “Black Dog”, “Rock and Roll”, “The Battle For Evermore”, “Going To California” and “When The Levee Breaks”.

Even though the two albums have many classic songs, Iron Maiden chose “Communication Breakdown”, track for Zeppelin’s debut to cover back in 1990. It was released as the B-Side of their single “Bring Your Daughter To the Slaughter”.

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