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Tenacious D releases new song “Robot” from Post-Apocalypto

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Tenacious D releases new song “Robot” from Post-Apocalypto

Tenacious D, composed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass, released another single from their upcoming album, “Post-Apocalypto”. You can hear the song, titled “Robot” below:


Since last September 28, Tenacious D has released episodes of its animated series, also titled “Post-Apocalypto”. Videos are coming to the public weekly and always on Fridays through YouTube.

See one of them below:

The animated series features Jack Black and Kyle Gass trying to save mankind after a nuclear explosion, battling evil creatures arising from the catastrophe. The illustrations are signed by Black himself, who, along with Gass, also gives voice to the characters.

On the date of the last episode, November 2, the new album will also be released. The album, which will feature 21 tracks, will feature Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) on drums and John Spiker on bass and production – in addition, of course, Jack Black and Kyle Gass on vocals, guitars, guitars and other instruments.

In a statement released to the press, the band explained the concept of work:

“Post-Apocalypto shows Tenacious D in a world of complete destruction after an atomic bomb. Surviving the attack in a classic and cinematic way (in an indestructible 1950s refrigerator), the pair quickly learns that new forms of evil have arisen. One thing is clear: for humanity to prevail, Tenacious D must save the world.”

With unimaginable course changes, an insane visit to the White House, a time machine, an adventure through space, and the help of some well-known parental problems, Post-Apocalypto is as funny as it is political, and as brilliant as its incredible creators. The songs are very good, too. ”

Post-Apocalypto is the first work of Tenacious D since Rize of the Fenix ​​(2012).

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