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Tenacious D releases new song “Colors”

Tenacious D 2018


Tenacious D releases new song “Colors”

Tenacious D, composed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass, released another single from their upcoming album, “Post-Apocalypto”. You can hear the song, entitled “Colors” below.


Check it out:

Since last September 28, Tenacious D has released episodes of its animated series, also titled “Post-Apocalypto”. Videos are coming to the public weekly and always on Fridays through YouTube.

The animated series features Jack Black and Kyle Gass trying to save mankind after a nuclear explosion, battling evil creatures arising from the catastrophe. The illustrations are signed by Black himself, who, along with Glass, also gives voice to the characters.

On the date of the last episode, November 2, the new album will also be released. The album, which will feature 21 tracks, will feature Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) on drums and John Spiker on bass and production – in addition, of course, Jack Black and Kyle Gass on vocals, guitars, guitars and other instruments.

Album Tracklist

1. Post-Apocalypto Theme
2. Desolation
3. Hope
4. Cave Women
5. Making Love
6. Scientists
7. Take Us Into Space
8. I’ve Got To Go
9. Fuck Yo-Yo Ma
10. Reunion/Not So Fast
11. Daddy Ding Dong
12. Chainsaw Bazooka Machine Gun
13. Robot
14. March
15. Turd Whistle
16. Colors
17. Who’s Your Daddy?
18. JB JR Rap
19. Woman Time
20. Save The World
21. Post-Apocalypto Theme (Reprise)

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