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Ted Nugent talks about the Coronavirus pandemic

Ted Nugent coronavirus

Classic Rock

Ted Nugent talks about the Coronavirus pandemic

In an interview at Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, the classic rock guitarist and singer Ted Nugent talked about the Coronavirus pandemic giving people advices.


Ted Nugent said about Coronavirus:

“It’s a ubiquitous tragedy, it’s touching everyone’s life, and the Nugent family.

“Far beyond my musical considerations and my professional considerations are my human considerations. So I’m in touch with Frank, my sound man, Doug Banker, my manager, Bob, my tour guide, and my entire team; my band, my crew, my neighbors, my hunting buddies, the various charities that we work with…

“I’m seeing people, you hear the colloquialism, ‘Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.’ I think that’s what we’re seeing mostly. There’s gonna be the lunatic fringe, who are hyper-helpless and are not rugged individuals, and are not boy scouts and are not reasonably prepared…

“But I think the worst is yet to come, and I think we need to do what my great president did here recently. And remember that prayer does get us through some of the most tragic and trying times in human history, and that’s what I’m seeing.

Focus on God, family and more:

“I’m seeing people refocus more emphatically on God, family, country, neighbors, communities, becoming more frugal. Thank god, I mean, I could expand upon the essence of the Nugent tradition of frugality.

“Here’s the triad of quality of life, from Ted Nugent, the author of ‘Wango Tango’: earn your own way. Which will put you to bed at night happy when you’re tired and you know you busted your ass all day.

“That’s where happiness comes from – when you earn your own way. You get up, and you put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be, and you feel an instinct and the drive and vibration to produce, to provide for your family, so earn your own way is number one.

“Live within your means is number two. You don’t need to buy everything. If you got student debt, you can’t drink Starbucks, you see what I mean? If you’re only making X, you can’t spend Y. This is how I was raised.

“If I made a dollar, which I did selling nightcrawlers to get my first guitar. My dad told me, ‘You have to save 75 cents of it.’ And quite honestly, if you don’t need to spend it, we got food and water in the shelter here, so save it, save that dollar – sell another dozen nightcrawlers tomorrow, make another dollar, and in 20 days, you’ll have $20.

Ted Nugent says people need to save money

“So earning your own way, live within your means, and here’s the big one today, more emphatic than ever: save for a rainy day. You have to live responsibly and frugally, and you don’t spend what you make. ‘Well, I have to live from paycheck to paycheck,’ really? Does that include tobacco and alcohol? Maybe a little meth or some dope, and a Starbucks?

“That’s not saving for a rainy day. And a lot of people go, ‘Well, you’re not in charge of my life!’ – of course I’m not. I’m telling you what has worked 100% of the time in human history. You earn your own way, you live within your means, and you save for a rainy day because Mitch, we’re in one hell of a rainy day right now.

“And if people haven’t lived responsibly and frugally… and it doesn’t matter whether I make a million dollars, or when back in the old days I made $20, you still have to live by those rules of conscientious quality of life responsibility, and if you do, you’ll be better prepared to help your neighbor who might not be that smart, or might have health conditions, or might have other problems in their life. This is what I’m seeing, I’m seeing people that are quick to assist their fellow man.

Tragic times

“These are the tragic times of a pandemic, this is heartbreaking, so now’s the time to do what my Marine buddies taught me, and that’s: improvise, adapt, and overcome. Get smarter, be more responsible, and you will be stronger and healthier.

“Would now be the best time in our lives to quit smoking? Quit with the alcohol and drugs? vaping? Quit spending money on this insane suicidal garbage? Maybe this is a slap upside the head by mother nature. ‘Hey y’all, if you eat crappy food and you spend money on poison and chemicals, you might want to reevaluate your priorities.’

“I know this sounds cocky and it sounds judgemental. I’m not just telling you, these aren’t my rules, these are the universal rules for the human experience if you want to have a good life and be better equipped to help your family and friends and your neighbors, so I do this whenever I can.


“Quite honestly, this is how I’ve always talked, this is what I’ve always emphasized in my life, so the rules are not really flexible, and I would like to think that, as we face life-threatening danger with a pandemic, that now would be the time for people to man up,

“And I’m speaking of mankind, and that includes my favorite species: women. [My wife] Shemane is a perfect example, she’s got a brand new book right now about healthy living and women’s empowerment. And it starts with those three conditions: living healthy and being responsible, putting only quality food into your sacred temple, and don’t put any poisons, and don’t budget poisons in your life.

“I mean, I laugh when I say it because I really don’t understand some of my fellow human beings who actually budget poison, so this is a wake-up call.”

About Guns N’ Roses performing for 70.000 people in Mexico recently despite the pandemic, Ted Nugent said:

“There’s so many unanswered questions regarding the stretch of the pandemic. No. 1, I trust my president. I think Donald Trump was sent by God to start draining this corrupt criminal power-abusing political swamp in our country and certainly, you got enough of that up in Canada, it’s quite honestly everywhere.

“But I believe his medical experts, I believe his scientific experts, I believe his doctors. The best doctors in the world that are advising the president.

“I love Guns N’ Roses, I love their work ethic, love their music vision and their prowess and their dedication to their craft and responding to the demands of their consumers, but I got to tell you, Mitch, I’m with you on this one.

“I think we have to err on the side of caution. Have canceled all kinds of wonderful events that I just couldn’t wait to partake in. But I think the battle cry to social distancing and separating ourselves as much possible to mitigate and minimize the transmission of this highly-contagious virus.

“I would say that these different entities, including rock-n-roll bands and performs – I’m with you, Mitch. I think it’s time to batten down the hatches and take the advice of these medical experts.

“If we can minimize and reduce the spread of this virus, I think it’s each of our responsibility to do so. So I don’t really know how those organizations can have a meeting. And go forward with defying the medical experts and possibly endangering their fans. I don’t get it.

The first death in Mexico by the disease was from a fan that went to a Ghost show. About the lockdown determined by Florida, Ted Nugent said:

“I respect the governor, I think [Ron] DeSantis is a good man, I’m hearing the pleads by the medical experts that the spring breakers have got to back it down. Also understand the important and widespread suspicion, I think citizens should always be suspicious of their elected employees.

“I think the evidence is irrefutable, then whether you’re a prime minister. Well, that’s supposed to be number one, if he’s a minister, and i suspect his regulations, where there’s a history of racist blackface activities, and nobody gives a damn about that.

“And then you have other governors who walk past the worst homeless conditions in the world in California and have to step over human feces and needles everywhere, doesn’t do a damn thing about that, but then decrees a basic martial law.

Be suspicious

“I think we should always remain suspicious. But once again, again. I’m just a guitar player, but I’m also a husband and a father. I’m a neighbor, I’m a job creator in my band for my crew, and I have, jeez, you stop and think when I go on the tour. The old guitar player Ted Nugent employs thousands of people every year in all these facilities. In all these venues, in all these hotels. I mean, as we go to the hotel, there’s 20 of us, that hotel is working for us partially that night.

“So, I consider this rock and roll force that I’ve created over the years and have been blessed with as an incredible responsibility. So I am looking at my July tour, and I can’t wait.

“I pray to God that it’s not canceled. But I’m going to err on the side of caution if this pandemic isn’t under control by then. I don’t know what drives some of these political leaders across the nation. I’d like to think that what I’m witnessing here in our neighborhood in Texas, and again, I’m a communicating monster.

Information on Ted Nugent’s Facebook

“You go to my Facebook. I’ve been on my Facebook already today with some important information sharing and some really silly stuff. You have to do both, you have to maintain balance in these trying times.

“The communication I’m getting is that there’s mostly really smart, responsible, caring, thoughtful people out there. And they’re listening to the experts, so I don’t know what would drive a person to go, ‘Social distancing could save lives but we’re not going to’ – huh?

“Again, this is uncharted territory, so we have to communicate with our elected employees. I’ve always emphasized to make sure that they understand that we the people that hired them are thinking. And up in Canada, you have to admit, that the worst curse isn’t the power-abusing liberal stormtroopers. It’s the people who are self-inflicted with the worst curse of humankind, and that is apathy.

“If you’re not engaged, you’re not really alive. And we’re only given a short visit on planet Earth here. And I think you got to be engaged, you got to be in control of your life.

“Declaring independence and rugged individualism is the foundation for quality of life and happiness. And I know there’s a lot of that, but there’s not enough of that.”

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