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Steve Vai recalls being fame after appearing in “Crossroads” movie

Steve Vai

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Steve Vai recalls being fame after appearing in “Crossroads” movie

The virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai worked with names like Frank Zappa and David Lee Roth, also being part of the band Alcatrazz in the 80s but he recalled in an interview “Vintage Rock Pod” (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar) that he was able to live a normal life but that he really became more famous after he appeared in the movie “Crossroads” (1986).


Vai appears in a scene during a guitar duel against the main character played by the actor Ralph Macchio.

Steve Vai recalls being fame after appearing in “Crossroads” movie

“It was kinda like when I made ‘Crossroads’, I was just going into the studio and film. Then you go home, and you are a normal person, and then suddenly it comes out and everybody sees it. Then you go out, and people are like, ‘Hey, there you are.’ It takes an adjustment.”

“It was an adjustment because it was interesting at first, especially with ‘Crossroads’. Because you can make hit records till you’re blue in the face, but be in one hit movie, and just have a little part and [everyone goes], ‘Hey, there’s that guy’, every place you go. So that took an adjustment. It was fun.”

“My fame with those bands, or my recognition with [previous] bands was never so much that I couldn’t lead a normal life, but it was really nice to be recognized for your contribution. Because I started reading some nice things about what I had played on ‘Eat ‘Em and Smile’, and the way I played. I felt accepted. I felt well supported in that role with Dave, so I was very content and happy with what I had done, and what I had contributed. Was it great? I don’t know. I just know I did the best I could, and it was just so nice when it was not rejected,” Steve Vai said.

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