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Steve Lukather says Van Halen has been dealing with health issues

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Steve Lukather says Van Halen has been dealing with health issues

Van Halen has been dealing with health problems. The information was confirmed by Steve Lukather, Toto guitarist and close friend of the band members – especially guitarist Eddie Van Halen – in an interview with journalist Eddie Trunk’s podcast.


Steve Lukather was asked about Van Halen and said:

“I love Ed and Alex [Van Halen]; they’ve been friends of mine for 40 years. I’m still friends with Mike [Anthony]. I love all those guys. I’m Switzerland, man. I don’t get in the middle of all that.

“I look you right in the eye and say, listen, I’ve been in contact with Ed. We text all the time. I really can’t say much, man. I don’t wanna say anything.”

“Everybody wants Van Halen back — nobody more than me, ’cause I still think they’re one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. Eddie changed the planet [with his guitar playing].

“Him and Alex are sitting there laying back and they’re waiting to see what happens next. I think they’re on a hiatus. There’s been some health issues that they’re dealing with and stuff like that. We’re older guys now, and to go on the road, and stuff like that, it requires a lot of extra effort in terms of as a human being.

“All I’m gonna say is I don’t think there’s any drama issues that are keeping them from working right now. I’m not the guy to say anything. I love those brothers so much and we’ve always had a great relationship. I’m a big fan and also adore them as human beings.”

Van Halen’s last concert was on October 4, 2015 at L.A’s Hollywood Bowl. The speculation about a reunion was on the news during 2019 and also fans were worried about Eddie Van Halen’s health, after a peculiar photo of the guitarist surfaced the web.

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