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Steve Harris talks about his meeting with Paul Di’Anno

Steve Harris
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Steve Harris talks about his meeting with Paul Di’Anno

The singer Paul Di’Anno (64), who was the vocalist on the first two Iron Maiden albums, has been struggling sepsis for several years and in 2022, he was being helped by friends in Croatia, being treated there. They were able to arrange a meeting between him and Steve Harris at a Iron Maiden show and then the band announced that they would pay for his remaining health expenses.


The band’s founder, leader, main lyricist and bassist Steve Harris talked in an interview with Metal Hammer about the conversation he had with Di’Anno and said that there is no problem between them.

Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris talks about his meeting with Paul Di’Anno

“It was lovely to see Paul, but obviously also sad to see him in that situation. Whatever we can do to help him, that’s what we’re doing. If you can’t help one of your own when they need it, then there’s something wrong.

He continued saying that there is no problem between them: “I didn’t think any bridges needed mending. Paul had said a few things about his time in Maiden, but that’s Paul. It’s how he is and how he’ll always be. And I’ve no problem with that. He once called me Hitler, which some people were offended by, but I thought it was funny,” Steve Harris said.

Di’Anno is currently on a extensive tour in Brazil and said that he will stay in the country to continue his treatment.

He was a member of the band from 1978 to 1981 and  recorded the albums “Iron Maiden” (1980) and “Killers” (1981) with the group.

Steve Harris also will be on the road in 2023 with Iron Maiden and with his side project, the band British Lion.

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